Treo Business Consulting

Change Management starts from the individual.


Treo is the only training and consulting firm of its kind that helps companies handling change initiatives and business transformation projects to be better than they thought possible, by translating what is known in neuroscience, psychology and medicine and delivering it to individuals and companies.

We are experts in the understanding of the Human Condition.

Dr. Terry Nguyen has proven results through his clients on an individual level that change is possible. He provides clear, actionable and relevant programs that activate change and growth at the individual, team and organisational levels. Our knowledge and passion for the field inspires workforces in multiple industries, bringing out the best thinking of everyone involved.

Change at this level requires both one on one consulting as well as group training.

Re-ignite your business. Located in the heart of Sydney CBD, book a consultation for yourself.

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Location: Level 18, 44 Market St, Sydney MSBC Office